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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

~~Robert Frost

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Temporaily Grounded

So it's been awhile and alot has happened and the dust is finally starting to settle. I plan on updating all the smaller aspects of the past 4 months such as our experience working the sugar beet harvest, our time in San Fransisco, our issues with Iowa, and getting to Fl. Right now I am fast forwarding to the present after a quick recap. On our way down from Montana to Omaha in mid Nov for our next contract, the tranny in the truck went out 20 miles south of Sioux Falls, Sd. We had the leave the truck and trailer with the mechanic and hotel it until we could get the truck fixed.

We still don't have the truck or trailer and are currently back in a stick n brick temporarily while Kurt works his contract in Tennessee. We decided that getting a house was a much cheaper option and sanity saver than staying in a 350 a week hotel for god knows how long. We are looking at getting our rig back in a few more weeks, and oh how have I missed it. I used to wonder if we would ever consider getting back into a house but always came back to the same almost instant conclusion: I don't think I would ever choose to "settle down again" as my family puts it:)

Now after returning to a house, I know with a greater degree of certainty that we made the right decision when we first set out on our new adventure years ago. Yes, I do like the larger living space, and the 18 acres we are sitting on, but that means more to clean, and they seem to be the only positives I can find. This house that we are currently in is everything I would of wanted years ago, tons of cabinet space, an open floor plan, 1600+ feet of living area all sitting on 18 acres. Looking at it now, it seems pointless to have all those cabinets, it would take hundreds of dollars to fill them with things I would more than likely only use once a year. With the extra living space on the inside, the kids don't want to play outside like they used to. They used to beg to go outside and play.   

It will only be a few more weeks before we get the truck back. Not only was the transmission bad and we needed a brand spanking new one, but turns out, the whole rear end was bad as well and it takes time and money to fix.

  Living in this house, has helped us realize one thing though: what we thought we wanted, which was ingrained in us since we were little, was the American Dream,  a large house with lots of land that you could call your own. It took us years to realize that wasn't "Our" American Dream. So for right now, living in a house meets our immediate needs, like having a roof over our heads and heat, but is doesn't give me that everyday peaceful feeling  living our dream did.

Looking forward to being back on the road very soon:)


  1. Everyone has their own idea of what home is supposed to be, I hope you get back home to your travel trailer as soon as possible.

  2. This is true. One thing to always remember is " The roof may change but the home never does".

  3. The American Dream may have somehow been painted as a picket fence and two cars in every drive way for the last 30 years or so, but living on the road is as authentic an American Dream as any. From homesteaders in the 1800s seeking a new way of life on the frontier to Route 66, we've been a nation packed with wanderers since the day the Pilgrims arrived. America really is, to me, a nation built up on people who were looking to find their own particular slice of life, and that's exactly what we're afforded the freedom to do here.

    Love the funky colors on your site, happy trails!